Why I’m Hungry Best5

배가 고픈 여성이 스테이크 먹는 모습

Are you searching the refrigerator again today, talking about Why I’m Hungry even after eating 3 meals a day?

Then there is some news to pay attention to. If you know the secret of your hunger cry, you can see why I’ve eaten as much as I want.

Number one: thirst

배가 고픈 이유 People sometimes have the illusion of not being able to tell the difference between the signals that they feel hungry and the thirst that water wants to eat.

If you’re hungry even if you eat now, try drinking a cup of water. And if you wait 20 minutes and you’re hungry, that’s a sign of hunger from the real brain.

Second: Stress

If you feel full after eating, but you keep wanting to eat certain foods, this can be a symptom of stress.

Therefore, in order to escape from stress, we should proceed with our own hobby or exercise to escape and manage stress.

Third: protein deficiency.

In order to keep our health, we need to replenish our protein. Are you currently cutting down on meat protein-information intake to go on a diet?

If so, you will feel tired easily due to lack of protein. Right now, we need to escape the reason why we get hungry by eating protein that maintains high satiety such as eggs and chicken breasts.

My blog provides more information. But health information is available here. 배가 고픈 이유

Fourth: Loneliness

There is a correlation between why you get hungry and loneliness. Because if you are emotionally feeling helpless and alone, this is why you feel even more hungry because you feel empty even if you eat a lot while thinking of it as stress.

Number five: lack of sleep.

Is there a lack of sufficient qualitative satisfaction compared to sleeping? If so, it is because you are not getting enough sleep at the moment.

You’ll have to increase your sleep to eight hours immediately.